Kelimutu is a small but well-known as Indonesian volcano in central Flores Island with three summit crater lakes of varying colors. This is the most famous tourist attraction in central Flores Island, Ende District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia; with three summit crater lakes of varying colors.  The western lake, Tiwi Ata Mbupu (Lake of Old People) is commonly blue. Tiwu Nua Muri Kooh Tai (Lake of Young Men and Maidens) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Bewitched, or Enchanted Lake), which share a common crater wall, are commonly green and red-colored, respectively, although lake colors being changed periodically.

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Firstly, this area was discovered by Lio Van Such Telen, a citizen of the Dutch father Mama Lio, in 1915. Its beauty is widely known after Y. Bouman described it in his writing in 1929. Since then foreign tourists have started to come to enjoy the lake which is known to be haunted by the local community. Those who come are not only lovers of beauty, but also researchers who want to know that very rare natural occurrence as well.

Kelimutu Lakes which are located on top of Kelimutu Mountain are parts of Kelimutu National Park. Kelimutu National Park can be reached from almost every regional capital in Flores by way of 4 wheel drives vehicles.Visitors from the westcan take the route via Ende and then continue on to Moni which is at a distance of 53 km. From the east they can pass though Maumere and then continue on to Moni which is at distance of 95 KM.

 The area of the three lakes is approximately 1,051,000 square meters with a water volume of 1,292 million cubic meters. The boundaries between the lakes are narrow rock walls that are prone to landslides. This wall is very steep with a 70-degree angle. The height of the lake walls ranges from 50 to 150 meters.

Kelimutu is a combination of words from “keli” which means mountain and the word “mutu” which means boiling. According to local people’s beliefs, the colors of the Kelimutu lake have their own meanings and have very powerful natural forces. The lake or Tiwu Kelimutu is divided into three parts according to the colors in the lake. The blue lake or “Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai” is a gathering place for the souls of young people who have died. The red lake or “Tiwu Ata Polo” is a gathering place for the souls of people who have died and as long as they have lived they have always committed evil / divination. While the white lake or “Tiwu Ata Mbupu” is a gathering place for the souls of parents who have died. The residents around Lake Kelimutu believe that when the lake changes color, they must make offerings to the spirits of those who have died.

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Kelimutu 3 Color Lakes are the famous tourist attraction in Flores as they have 3 different colors of Water in the Lakes which is changed periodically. Tour to Kelimutu Lakes is possible to do from Bali Island by taking a direct Flight to Ende, Flores Island, Indonesia. There is daily Flight to Ende and you can stay overnight in Moni before Trekking up to the top of Mount Kelimutu to enjoy Sunrise over the Lakes. Most of People visit Kelimutu Lakes by doing Flores overland Tour or Flores Package tour and Flores Roundtrip which included Kleimutu 3 Color Lakes in the Program. It is the best way to discover Kelimutu Lakes while exploring many other best tourist places on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. We can start the Tour to Kelimutu Lake Flores Island from Maumere District which is 95 km from Moni, and after visiting Kelimutu 3 color lakes, we can continue to explore to the west of Flores by visiting Riung National Park, Bena Village at Bajawa District, Ranamese Lake near Ruteng, Wae Rebo Village in Manggarai District and we can continue to explore Komodo Island in Komodo National Park to see the biggest living Lizard on Earth; Komodo Dragon.

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Since Komodo Island is getting more famous with the Komodo Dragons in Rinca and Komodo Island, there are many flights daily from Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya to Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo, so the Tour to Kelimutu Lakes Flores Island, Indonesia, is also possible to run it from the western part of Flores, Labuan Bajo. We can explore another best tourist place in Flores including Kelimutu Lakes in Ende District. In case you have limited time and only need to visit Komodo and Kelimutu as the highlights of Flores Island, you can fly from Labuan Bajo to Ende and stay overnight in Ende before going up by Trekking to Kelimutu in the next Morning, and then you can fly out to Bali directly after visiting Kelimutu Lake, Flores Island, Indonesia.