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flores island toursFlores Eco Tours offers Tours Excursions Round trips Overland Trips Adventure Trips package Tours and Day Tours throughout Flores Island Indonesia. We manage tours to discover the best places to visit and Travel on Flores Island.

During Flores island tours, you will visit the highlights of tourist amazing places on Flores Island Indonesia. Flores island tours with us, will bring you to Kelimutu 3 color lakes, Bena Village, 17 Islands in Riung, Spiderweb Rice field in Ruteng and Wae Rebo Village.

Before you plan a tour, you need to know how to get to Flores Island, Indonesia. It is important to know where you better start your trips on Flores island Indonesia. Of course, Flores has many things to offer and it is a world away from the bustle of Bali. And also, it takes just 70 minutes flight from Bali to get to Labuan Bajo and it’s for people looking for a different sort of holiday.  There, you will find deserted white-sand beaches though, as well as curious locals, surreal volcanic lakes and beautiful sunsets.

How to get to Flores Island

The best hub to get to flores is From Denpasar Bali, Surabaya and Jakarta. And the flight from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo, West Flores takes about 1 hour. Certainly, Labuan Bajo is a launching point to explore the island’s interior and visit the giant dragons on Komodo and Rinca Island. In recent years, Labuan Bajo gradually turned into a busy spot because of the divers and the increased number of Komodo visitors. Today, this town offers a wide range of tourist facilities.

There is also another Flight from Bali to Ende or Maumere, where you can land and start exploring the Island from the eastern part of Flores. Maumere offers the unique culture and this district is famous with its Weaving. There we can also go on snorkeling to see the beauty of underwater in Teluk Maumere. Normally the tour continue to Moni to see Kelimutu lake before heading to the west part of the island.

The most attractive sites during Flores Island tours

kelimutu lake flores indonesiaFlores is the most fascinating and beautiful island. Long hidden in the shadows of its more famous neighbor Bali, the island of Flores is finally emerging as a unique destination of its own.


Kelimutu, roughly in the center of Flores, is a popular spot for tourists (well, popular for Flores that is). The three colorful crater lakes (blue, green and black) of this mystical volcano are best seen at sunrise or sunset. Certainly, it is practically empty here compared to the crowds on top of Mount Batur, Bali. Actualy Moni, the small tourist town below the volcano, is a relaxing place to hang out and meet other travelers. There are also some short hikes in the nearby countryside and a chance to see the waterfall.

Seventeen Islands Marine Park in Riung

The Seventeen Islands Marine Park in Riung are uninhabited islands and they are beautiful. The mangrove isle of Pulau Ontoloe hosts a massive colony of flying foxes and a few Komodo dragons. while,  Pulau Rutong and Pulau Temba boast picture-perfect white sand and turquoise waters. There’s great snorkeling near Pulau Tiga, Pulau Laingjawa and Pulau Bakau. But wherever you visit, you won’t be disappointed.

riung flores island tours


Bena Village Bajawa Flores Indonesia

bena village flores island


Bena village, in the megalithic Ngada, Flores Indonesia, precisely in the Village Tiwuriwu, District Aimere. And you can reach Bena village by using rental vehicles from Bajawa with the distance of about 19 km to the south Bajawa. From Labuan Bajo, Bajawa is about 7-8 hours by land transportation.

Location of Bena village is on a hilltop with a backdrop of Mount Inerie. It makes the atmosphere of the village more beautiful and exotic. Its presence at the bottom of the mountain is a hallmark of the old society who believe and revere the mountain as a place of the gods. And the people believe that the existence of god Bena Yeta that have place on Mount Inerie will protect their village.


Ruteng Flores Indonesia

ruteng flores island indonesia

Ruteng, a cool city in the highlands of Flores, is the capital of Manggarai district. This small town is attached to the gentle slopes of the northern side of the green mountain range of Mandusawu, at an altitude of 1,200 masl. The temperature in this city of 90,000 inhabitants ranges from 13 ° C – 25 ° C with humidity levels reaching 90%. Apart from the very cold temperatures, Ruteng is a city of rain with a fairly high intensity of 3,340 mm / year.

And Ruteng itself is surrounded by various tourist destinations that must be visited. One of which is the ancient cave of Liang Bua, where fossils of Homo floresiensis or better known as Hobbits from Flores were found. Liang Bua is 30 km from the town of Ruteng and takes 30 minutes.


Wae Rebo Village Flores Indonesia

wae rebo village flores indonesia

Wae Rebo is a beautiful and amazing village. And it is covered by a thin mist throughout the township makes Wae Rebo deserves the epithet ‘village above the clouds’. Geographically, the village is situated above an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level (m asl).

Wae Rebo is part of the Village Satar Lenda, District Satarmese, West Manggarai regency, Flores. And it is about 2.5 hour driving from Labuan Bajo to the trekking point. The Walking will start from the premises Denge ± 9 km distance which normally takes 2-4 hours, highly dependent on physical condition of each visitor.


Labuan Bajo, Flores Indonesia 

Labuan Bajo is a busy, rough tourist town that looks like it belongs in Bali. And it is on the western tip of Flores Island Indonesia. You will pass through it on the way to Komodo National Park, which is an absolute must-see, even if you aren’t planning on exploring the rest of Flores. Divers flock there for the top-class underwater action but there’s plenty around to keep non-divers happy. You can go on a one-night boat tour around Komodo National Park and see lots of Komodo dragons on Rinca Island but make sure not to get too close. The guides tell you to keep your distance but not everyone listens.

Then, you can go to the “pink beach”, a popular snorkeling spot. The reef, located just off the beach (which is actually pink), is home to hundreds of colorful fish of all shapes and sizes. As the day drew to a close, you can see dolphins jumping from the ocean as the sun going down.


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flores island tour

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Tours to Komodo Island, Flores Indonesia


Tours to Komodo island Indonesia are specially for you who desire to encounter the Komodo Dragons. Komodo island is a biggest island inside of Komodo National Park. Our tours to Komodo island will bring you to discover Komodo dragons and explore the best places to visit. And also doing the best activities inside Komodo National Park.

Komodo Dragon is the star of the show in Komodo National Park. But the natural spectacle in Komodo National Park goes beyond those dangerous lizards. All the top things to do in Komodo Islands are related to nature, so be prepared for an overdose of stunning views, crystal clear water, colored corals, curious fishes, giant bats, sun and sweat. The perfect combination for an unforgettable adventure trip to Komodo island.

Certainly, Tours to Komodo island are for adventure seekers. Therefore, you need to plan well your trip to Komodo island. There are many awesome spots inside Komodo National Park. We offer many kinds of tours to Komodo island. You can choose Komodo Package Tours, Komodo Liveaboard Tours and Komodo Day tours to discover Komodo Dragon Island in Komodo National Park.

Our Tours to Komodo Island aim to explore Komodo National Park which include three major islands: Komodo, Rinca and Padar as well as numerous smaller islands. It is creating a total surface area (marine and land) of 1817km (proposed extensions would bring the total surface area up to 2,321km2). Our Komodo Tours only offer the best things to explore Komodo National park. Whether it is about how we can meet the Dragon in Komodo and Rinca Island or how we can enjoy swimming with Manta rays or just snorkel around the fabulous Pink beach.